I’d be really interested to hear people’s perspectives on the challenges of re-educating and retraining the workforce. Should the responsibility lie with governments, or organisations?  

In a previous post I talked about Mark Carney’s though provoking speech about the likely impacts of the 4th industrial revolution.  He spoke about the speed of change being so fast that it wouldn’t be enough to just concentrate on educating our children for the new world, but also about re-educating people of my age to keep up with the changes. 

I hadn’t heard the term Quaternary education before; it is basically about retraining people either to work differently in their existing career or change career altogether. The argument is that this should be founded on the same principals of universality as primary and secondary education is now. Therefore everyone in the country would be entitled to some sort of state funded retraining. This may be particularly relevant for manufacturers who may have to go through bigger changes than other sectors of the economy.

Is this realistic in the current economic climate? Will it be a step to far in the days of austerity or is it absolutely essential to ensure that we as a society remain competitive and cohesive? What do people think?